Working the SX hybrid with the AVM-4(SM-4) in loop record mode


1.Switch on the AVM-4 with the serial RS422 cable connected to Port 1 of the controller

2 Switch on the Hybrid and select disk master with the recorder button + disk master button.

3.Select External on the hybrid by pressing the Player button + external button.

4 Switch the hybrid to remote, the remote led will light on the Avm-4(above record button)

5. Go into the menus of the Avm-4 by pressing shift +undo/menu.

6 Move the jog knob to item 3 KEY F1.

7 03 will be flashing, press the ENTER button(bottom right)

  1. The options on the right hand side of the display will be flashing select the required option, in this example LIVE and press ENTER.
  2. O3 will start flashing. Function key F1 is now set to LIVE.
  3. move to item 4 repeat for F2. Set F2 to CUE-4
  4. move to item 5 repeat for F3 Set F3 to CUE –10
  5. Move to item 6 repeat for F4. Set F4 to CUE-UD (user delay)
  6. Move to item 7 repeat for F5. Set F5 to QCUE (quick cue)
  7. Move to item 8 repeat for F6 Set.F6 to QCUE (quick cue)
  8. Move to item 9 repeat for F7. Set F7 to PS1 (programme sequence1)
  9. Move to item 10 repeat for F8. Set F8 to OFF.
  10. The function keys can be set to any of the options you require but you are advised to set F1 to Live and F2 to Cue –4 . Cue –4 plays back the disk 4 seconds behind the recording and is a very good check that the disk is working correctly.
  11. Next go to item 35 and set the jog EE OFF to ON. This will make the jog knob LIVE and moving the jog knob will cue up the disk to the current record time less 3 seconds (buffer in the SX machine)
  12. you are now ready to start loop record.
  13. To commence loop record hold down the shift button under the main keypad and press the red REC button (shift + REC)
  14. The red Loop Led above the REC button will start flashing as the Avm-4 cleans up the files this takes about 10 seconds. When complete it will bleep and go into loop record. The loop light will now be steady. To cancel loop record press shift + REC again
  15. If loop record is successful the machine will go into LIVE Mode (F1 auto selected)
  16. Now press F2 the disk should play back 4 seconds behind the recording. If it does not playback – 4 seconds behind, come out of loop record (shift + REC ) and go back into loop record again.(try again!!) If it is still not working properly it might be necessary to delete all files from the hybrid. This is done from the machine.
  17. With loop record working, press Enter to enter timecode cues
  18. Press search to search to the last cue entered. Remember that there is a 3 second buffer in the hybrid which will prevent you cueing up LIVE action before 3 seconds. The AVM-4 will wait the required period to prevent accidental cueing in this 3 second window. If the cue is more than 3 seconds away from the LIVE recording the disk will cue up instantly. Moving the Jog knob will instantly force the disk to cue up at the buffer point (3 seconds after recording)
  19. To view previous cues, press CUE VIEW (browse), move jog knob to the desired cue and press search to search to that cue.

27. To force the disk to cue up while in CUE VIEW, hold down the shift button while moving the jog knob. This allows the operator to view the first video frame of every cue in memory. There are 1000 memory cue points.

28. If you know what cue you wish to go to, enter the cue number directly into the keypad followed by SEARCH.

29 If you wish to make a tape recording while in loop record select item 34 slave SX to on.

30 To enter a quick cue, hold down the shift button and press the nominated function key (F5 or F6 in our example) at the cue point. To cue up just press the function key. Note: F5 and F6 are cues 15 and 16 in memory. If all function keys were set to quick cue they would reside in memory locations 11 to 18. It is therefore possible to view the quick cue timecodes by using CUE VIEW.

31 To search to a timecode on the disk press SET IN followed by the timecode number to store this number press ENTER. To only search without storing the number in memory just press SEARCH.

32. F4 was set to user delay this mode allows the operator to set item 33 in the menu to the playback delay he requires.


33. If you wish to operate the disk or tape from the Avm-4 it must first be selected from the front panel before putting the hybrid into remote. Coming out of remote while in loop record will cancel the loop recording. This is to prevent the disk from crashing.

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