To load software into the AVM-4 and Avm-4a Action Replay Controller

To load software into either the Avm-4 or Avm-4a you must have the appcom software package. Connect a cable between the serial port of your computer and the PC port of the controller.

Run Appcom1 or 2

PLEASE NOTE: Appcom1 will not work on Windows 2000 or Windows NT

Autumn 2002

Appcom2 is now available to customers. This version of appcom will work with Windows 95,98,2000 and Windows NT.

If your PC serial port is talking to the controller you will get anA>Prompt

You cannot load software without the A> prompt showing

If the A > prompt is missing, press 9 on the PC keyboard.

If still not communicating check the cable. It should be a pin to pin: cable 2 to 2 ,3 to 3 ,5 to 5

Click on the 5th box on the tool bar of Appcom1. This is the one with the arrow

pointing to 5 o’clock, or the third box from the right if using appcom2.

Load the DSK file provided. The file should be 1234.dsk where 1234 is your own serial number. Make sure you load the correct serial number file into the right controller.

Click OK

Select target disk A to load software

When the load is complete switch off/on the controller and go to the last menu option which should be Restore.

Select on and press DEL + ENTER for first birthday reset ( full restore)


Peter Glock

Ash Vale Marketing July 2002

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