DR-1000/avm-4a photo
The DSR-DR1000 is a compact, half-rack DVCAM stream-based, hard disk recorder with a VTR-like control panel.
The AVM-4a Action Replay Controller is an enhanced version of the popular AVM-4 from Ash Vale Marketing.This sophisticated controller allows operators to utilise the enhanced features of the new generation of disk recorders.
The controller is available in 2 port and 6 port models. Both Avm-4a models have special software to interfacing with the new DSR-DR1000 disk recorder. This recorder from Sony can simultaneously record and playback, making it suitable for instant slow motion replay.
The DSR-DR1000 has serial digital and composite inputs and outputs as standard. The composite output can be looped through the controller for additional status information.
The DSR-DR1000 has over 6 hours recording capacity, more than enough for the majority of sport events. The controller can store up to 1000 timecode cues points and 800 clips for instant recall from the DSR-DR1000.
Interfacing the two units is extremely simple. Two RS-422 cables are requires, one cable connects to the record port of the server and the other to the playback port. Select the record port on the controller and go into record, then select the playback port for instant playback.
All the main functions of the AVM-4a are available to the operator when interfacing with this affordable priced, DVCAM quality server.

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