The optional HD OSD can handle standard 270mb/s SDI signals as well as the new high definition standard.
External Connectivity - 2 x standard 75-ohm BNC sockets, one input SDI; one output SDI
Video Format support:
High Definition Serial Digital Interface (HDSDI)
per SMPTE-292M
Signal rate 1.485Gb/s or 1.485 / 1.001 Gb/s
1080i @ 60fps
1080i @ 59.94fps
1080i @ 50fps
1080p @ 30fps
1080p @ 29.97fps
1080p @ 25fps
720p @ 60fps
720p @ 59.94fps
720p @ 50fps
Standard Definition Serial Digital Interface (SDSDI)
per SMPTE-259M
Signal rate 270Mb/s
525i @ 59.94fps
625i @ 60fps
SDI Receiver equalisation to support cable lengths of 100m

The AVM-b/ HD is a version of the 6 port controller that has an additional on screen display. The optional HD OSD can handle both the standard 270mb/s SDI signal as well as the high definition standard(HD-SDI). The HD board fits at the rear of the controller with standard BNC input and outputs. The controller's motherboard has a small additional power supply to accommodate the extra board.